Essential Local SEO


Local SEO Is About Getting
Calls And Leads Consistently

76% of people who conduct a local search contact a business within 24 hours, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase of a service. So, when you are ranked highly within the 3-Pack, you are on your way to more phone calls and increased sales of your services.

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Citation Building
Managing Reviews
Getting Quality Backlinks

Is Your Local Business Ready To Get More Calls & Customers?

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Why Local SEO Is Essential
To Attract New Customers

If you are a business that sells services locally, appearing in Google Maps Local 3-Pack is THE most important thing you can do to increase phone calls, leads and customers.


Google Users Trust the Google 3-Pack More Than Paid Ads

There are a few ways to gain visibility on Page 1 of Google’s local search results: You can pay for ads through Google AdWords, be ranked highly in the 3-Pack, or be one of the top 10 organic listings below the 3-Pack.

Because your advertising budget is vital to the success of your business, you may be wondering which section gets the most attention though? The 3-Pack is the clear winner. Why? It is consistently noticed more often when it comes to local searches. Google ads fall behind both the 3-Pack and the top 10 organic results because people don’t find paid ads to be trustworthy or relevant in search engine results.


More Stars & Reviews Equals More Clicks on Your Google Maps 3-Pack

The average number of stars that a company receives makes a huge impression on customers and influences the rate at which they contact a company in the 3-Pack. Listings with five-star reviews earned 69% of the attention on the 3-Pack, while four stars earned 59% of the attention, and three stars earned 44%.

Also, the number of reviews is important for consumer trust. Customers read as many as 21 or more reviews before making a purchase of services.


Websites Are Becoming Less Of A Factor

A Bright Local study conducted for the past several years shows a trend that simply can’t be ignored. Consumers are relying less and less on websites to determine if they will do business with you or not.

What does this mean for you? You must start to work with digital marketing companies whose top priority is to understand that consumers are visiting websites less every year and instead are relying on visibility and a solid review profile to determine if they call you, or come in to your place of business at all.